Uav Operational and Anti-Drone

A new generation GPS signal jammer device

Last month, Perfectjammer announced the capability to detect drone swarms, and assuming the same conditions, MyDefence is now announcing drone swarm jamming capability, which was demonstrated at Electric Storm. During the event, five drone operators attempted to execute a coordinated drone attack. The coordinated attack was effectively neutralized using the PJ Drone Gun Pro jammer, and all drone operators lost control of their drones.

L3 Technologies has received a $36 million demonstration of existing technologies (DET) contract award for U.S. Navy’s Next Generation mobile phone jammer Low Band (NGJ-LB) program. The DET program encompasses a period of performance of 20 months, culminating in a demonstration at Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Maryland. The Next Generation Jammer will augment, and eventually replace, the ALQ-99 tactical jamming system currently integrated on the EA-18G Growler aircraft.

While late-night comedians found the whole idea of the Space Force hilarious, the reality is that the United States faces growing threats from space. These include not only anti-satellite missiles that can shatter satellites into thousands of pieces of debris, but lasers capable of “dazzling” and blinding satellite systems, as well as cyber and jammer threats. The range of potential space adversaries includes not only Russia and China, but, as the vice president noted, also Iran and North Korea.

The importance of the wifi jammer device in electronic warfare

Militaries the world over regularly practice ‘electronic warfare’, which involves the jamming of everything from radio communications and radar through to satellite signals. But, as with all ‘live fire’ exercises, threat warnings are issued and exclusion spaces declared.

The proliferation of jammers and Russia’s growing prowess in using them could threaten the U.S. military’s expanding fleet of UAVs. In 2011, Iran apparently used a Russian-made Avtobaza jammer to force down a U.S. Air Force RQ-170 stealth spy drone along the Afghanistan-Iran border. Russia reportedly jammed American UAVs over Ukraine in 2014.

The Pentagon is keenly aware of the risk. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s long-running Communications Under Extreme R.F. Spectrum Conditions initiative and similar programs aim to develop “signal detection and reasoning technology that allows radios to recognize interference and jamming, and adapt to maintain communications — even in the presence of severe and/or adaptive jamming,” according to DARPA program manager Joseph Evans.

Moscow had announced electronic warfare was to play a significant role in that war game. Its stated intention was to train its own troops on how to cope with such disruption.

Norways’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs was forced to contact Moscow to request jamming exercises along its border be halted due to public safety concerns.

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