Chinese will use 5G technology to control communications US

5G is coming, this is a technological progress or a disaster

China has a tendency to overtake the United States in communications. Britain’s Foreign Minister Boris Johnson said at a recent event that Chinese technology firms could overtake the U.S.

«The Chinese are about to win. They’ve got 5G. They’ve found out a way. Everybody’s going to be getting stuff on their gizmos through the Chinese system and not the American system. Our communications may become less secure in the future.» Johnson said, according to The Guardian newspaper

While the U.S. has been pushing back against China, the world’s second-largest economy has been looking to leave its mark on other countries in terms of 5G. Huawei has been lobbying Australian politicians. The FT revealed that the Chinese giant was the biggest corporate sponsor of overseas trips for Australian lawmakers. On Thursday, the Portuguese arm of telecoms firm Altice teamed up with Huawei to roll out 5G networks. Yet most people are unaware of huawei’s and China’s sinister intentions. This is the first step in China’s attempt to control the lifeblood of the world. Clearly, huawei’s actions are driven by the support of the Chinese government. On the one hand, the development of 5G communication will be promoted; on the other hand, the future communication network will be controlled secretly.

Predictably, communications control from China

This is a very worrying fact. This means that our means of communication may be controlled by China in the future. American telephones could be monitored by China at any time to steal our confidential information. So, the defense department is considering developing cell phone signal jammer to prevent this from happening. But the plan is still awaiting congressional approval, and the FCC could get into trouble.

Even though the United States and Britain are concerned about this situation. But the Portuguese have already signed a technology deal with huawei. While celebrating their 5G network’s lead in the world, they did not consider that their communications were likely to be monitored by huawei.

China has been ramping up its 5G ambitions and the trade war, while a push for fairer economic treatment according to Trump, could also be seen as an attempt to buy some time and breathing space to figure out how to get ahead in the telecoms race. 5G after all is clearly more important than what has come before. Once China has established an edge in 5G, it will be a devastating blow to the US and European countries. Perhaps America will no longer have secure communications.