American company develops new military signal interception jammer

How to intercept military signals? Perfectjammer has a new answer

Perfectjammer is a world leader in communication interception, communication jamming, signal processing systems, and communication security systems.

Sherman said some countries use radio jammers to disrupt criminal drone operators, but the U.S. doesn’t allow for wifi jammer because it disrupts other technology like cellphones.

Almost a decade after it began modernising its ill-equipped police force, Himachal Pradesh got first vehicle-mounted jammer, at a cost of ₹1.88 crore. The police have also purchased two potable jammers, costing ₹50 lakh each.

Deputy inspector general (DIG, CID Intelligence) Diljit Singh Thakur said, “All these years we had to depend on the neighbouring states of Haryana and Punjab for jammer-fitted vehicles during VVIPs visits. Now, we have our own vehicle.”

The drone jammer are based on advanced digital signal processing technology with frequency jamming of global system for mobile, code division multiple axis and 4G band of cellular phones, an intelligence official said.

They have deployed Pantsir S1 missile systems to Khmeimim airbase near Latakia to protected Su-57 fighters positioned there. The Pantsir combines short and medium range anti-air missiles on an integrated vehicle platform. At Khmeimim, the Russians have also setup a powerful GPS jammer whose effects can sometimes be felt as far away as Tel Aviv

Judah Gross, ‘GPS Jamming Disrupting Israeli Airspace from Russian Airbase,’ The Times of Israel (online), 28 June 2019, <> [22 September 2019]

Most popular cell phone jammer 2019

Purpose of high power jammer

High power jammers are widely used

The high power wifi jammer with remote control is widely used in the area of prison, guard, invigilate etc. If you are looking for a powerful and effective jamming device for your office, you can stop here. Just put the device into your cart, you can easily to block the mobile phone signals in your office, if you use this jammer in the office. Since it block all the cell phone, your employees won’t have access to reveal any more.

If you are in a college, school, office, exam hall, and hospital, etc. Where you can build a bluetooth and wifi cell phone jammer to prevent the noise and any disturbance due to phone, wifi and bluetooth.

Simply pushing lots of CW power into the ether is the most inefficient method of jamming and rarely used because of this. More efficient is a tailored jamming system that is modulated in a way that causes problems in the demodulator of the receiver being jammed, usually by using a high peek pulse power at a critical frequency to the receiver demodulation. Even more efficient is to mess with the stages beyond the receiver such as sending valid modulation that mucks up the computer data processing.

Weapons capable of GPS signal jammer or destroying U.S. military and commercial satellites will reach initial operational capability in the next few years, according to a new intelligence report.

The makers of precision-guided munitions no longer take for granted that simple GPS-guidance systems will always work on their own. Jammers and spoofing equipment threaten to populate future battlefields; manufacturers have taken notice and answered the threat.

For example, trackable interference, aka spoofers, likely generate the entire GPS-like constellation and transmit from a common point; thus, these signals generate exogenous constellation-wide delay (i.e., in a bend-pipe versus line-of-sight RF transmission). Other defining characteristics of a malicious interference may include increased energy (i.e., drone jammer), clock drift/offset coloring, inter-satellite interference, etc.

All four satellite navigation systems, the signals of which the Pole-21 must combat, use closely spaced frequencies, which end up in the interval from 1176.45 to 1575.42 MHz. The fact that even a transmitter with an output of a total of 20 watts in order to jam the radio signals in this range in a radius of 80 kilometers attests to the latest Russian system’s capabilities to create an impenetrable jamming dome

South Korean government officials report that the jamming operation, which began in late March, has been targeting aircraft navigation equipment. North Korea has reportedly broadcast a jamming signal on 100 occasions. A total of 962 planes have been affected by the jamming, as well as nearly 700 fishing vessels. The jamming has also affected cell phone base stations.

That’s why the US needs “penetrating” jammers, Bacon said: stealth aircraft that are harder – though hardly impossible – to target and which can slip into enemy airspace to conduct electronic warfare at shorter ranges. GPS denial is a becoming a huge issue for American military planners. Peer states, especially Russia, are already putting GPS spoofing and jamming tactics to work during various training events near their own borders. We have discussed this situation in great depth before, and I would suggest you read this article to understand just how deeply the loss of reliable global positioning system data can mean for the U.S. and its allies during a time of war, as well as what is being done to overcome such a monumental hurdle.

LOJACK Blocker

Uav Operational and Anti-Drone

A new generation GPS signal jammer device

Last month, Perfectjammer announced the capability to detect drone swarms, and assuming the same conditions, MyDefence is now announcing drone swarm jamming capability, which was demonstrated at Electric Storm. During the event, five drone operators attempted to execute a coordinated drone attack. The coordinated attack was effectively neutralized using the PJ Drone Gun Pro jammer, and all drone operators lost control of their drones.

L3 Technologies has received a $36 million demonstration of existing technologies (DET) contract award for U.S. Navy’s Next Generation mobile phone jammer Low Band (NGJ-LB) program. The DET program encompasses a period of performance of 20 months, culminating in a demonstration at Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Maryland. The Next Generation Jammer will augment, and eventually replace, the ALQ-99 tactical jamming system currently integrated on the EA-18G Growler aircraft.

While late-night comedians found the whole idea of the Space Force hilarious, the reality is that the United States faces growing threats from space. These include not only anti-satellite missiles that can shatter satellites into thousands of pieces of debris, but lasers capable of “dazzling” and blinding satellite systems, as well as cyber and jammer threats. The range of potential space adversaries includes not only Russia and China, but, as the vice president noted, also Iran and North Korea.

The importance of the wifi jammer device in electronic warfare

Militaries the world over regularly practice ‘electronic warfare’, which involves the jamming of everything from radio communications and radar through to satellite signals. But, as with all ‘live fire’ exercises, threat warnings are issued and exclusion spaces declared.

The proliferation of jammers and Russia’s growing prowess in using them could threaten the U.S. military’s expanding fleet of UAVs. In 2011, Iran apparently used a Russian-made Avtobaza jammer to force down a U.S. Air Force RQ-170 stealth spy drone along the Afghanistan-Iran border. Russia reportedly jammed American UAVs over Ukraine in 2014.

The Pentagon is keenly aware of the risk. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s long-running Communications Under Extreme R.F. Spectrum Conditions initiative and similar programs aim to develop “signal detection and reasoning technology that allows radios to recognize interference and jamming, and adapt to maintain communications — even in the presence of severe and/or adaptive jamming,” according to DARPA program manager Joseph Evans.

Moscow had announced electronic warfare was to play a significant role in that war game. Its stated intention was to train its own troops on how to cope with such disruption.

Norways’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs was forced to contact Moscow to request jamming exercises along its border be halted due to public safety concerns.

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New anti-drone technology

Truly fully automatic drone gun jammer

The automated system, having a long-range radar surveillance, daylight cameras, infrared, target tracking software, radio frequency (RF) jammer system and other sophisticated controls, can shoot down a drone up to several kilometres or usurp its command, or jam its functions without disturbing air traffic.

There are many promising lines of effort to deter a threatening UAS, she said, such as kinetic; passive, such as shooting a missile at the UAS that contains a net that deploys to take it down intact; sensitive sensors that can detect the UAS’s signatures emitted; and various types of jamming devices.

Nonviolent means of wifi jammer

The drone gun jammer is a lightweight, soft kill, drone jamming solution for use on remote weapon stations. The DroneCannon RW module will force drones (single or swarm attack) into a fail-safe mode where they will either hover or slowly descend. This function will allow the operator to utilize a kinetic weapon or other mounted equipment to more easily neutralize the target. Included Perfectjammer jamming technology has been developed specifically for drone mitigation, offering an effective response to an urgent threat.

It will function either autonomously (when drones are detected by the WINGMAN) or manually (constant jamming), and the internal directional antennas cover the 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz and GNSS frequency bands. With its directional antennas, the PITBULL is capable of cell phone signal jammer a malicious drone at the distance of 1000 meters. An external active antenna will be made available to cover additional frequency bands.

Consequently, the newly-released drone gun jammer is a lightweight “soft kill” counter-drone jammer which is designed for use on remote weapon stations (unmanned gun systems) as part of a combined “hard kill/soft kill” layered system. It is system-agnostic and can be integrated with any third party remote weapon station, thus allowing manufacturers of unmanned weapons systems to add a “soft kill” option to their existing products, which may already be in service.

Gun drone jammer

Anti-tracking GPS jamming devices are used in daily life

Why use a anti-tracking GPS signal jammer?

We saw some details from movies:To avoid tracking of evil organization or reactionary gang, leading actors broke into pieces or threw into River.Here comes a question ,can obtain private information by mobile phone using in our real world ?In other words,are we facing the problem that tracked by smart phones using ?The answer is YES.Today ,we are going to share 3 ways to avoid the tracked problem.Before talking about these ways ,we’d like to remind you in previous that the best way is from cell phone signal jammer.

A mobile phone jammer or blocker is a device which deliberately transmits signals on the same radio frequencies as mobile phones, disrupting the communication between the phone and the cell-phone base station, effectively disabling mobile phones within the range of the jammer, preventing them from receiving signals and from transmitting them.If you need to block internet connections in the location around you then you must understand one thing: you cannot block cable internet unless you would cut that cable. But other types of internet like the wireless one powered by WiFi and Bluetooth connections can be easily jammed.

In prisons use this 4G jammer device

In January, NTIA said its researchers installed the jamming technology in a utility closet adjacent to a 13-by-eight foot cell on the ground floor of the prison’s housing unit, according to the study. It successfully blocked cellphone transmissions in commercial bands between 700 and 2170 MHz, but did not disrupt commercial transmissions when monitored at 20 feet and 100 feet outside the cell, said the study.

To completely cover a prison facility, a fleet of the systems would be required — up to 100 jamming systems — which could lead to significant power issues, NTIA’s study said.

«The results indicate the potential for localized impact of this micro-jamming technology,» Williams said. «That is an encouraging sign that brings us closer to a solution that will make our communities safer and help prevent the continuation of criminal activity from inside prison walls.»

cell phone jammers


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